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I'm a medical doctor who loves to make cartoons that revolve around medicine. Never miss a medical cartoon by following me on Facebook and Twitter!

My Books

It's a book about zombies. Not medically related... unless braaaiiinnnsss counts! Available for free on the iPad, it's The Reflecting Zombie.

Possibly the world's shortest how-to-get-into-medical-school book you will ever read! It's free for the iPad! 10 Little Pre-Med Students.

Oh Doctor, The Places You'll Go... is composed of 13 illustrations drawn completely on my iPad 2 using the app, Sketchbook pro and a stylus. Inspired by Dr. Seuss, this book is my take on the long road of becoming a physician. Now there is a free iPad version too!

The colorful illustrations are best viewed on a color device, however the pictures also translate well on E-ink screens.