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This was one of my first comics that I drew with my MacBook Air and Wacom Tablet. I never posted it because it wasn't medically related until recently when it became deeply relevant to me. Last week, in preparation for our completion from residency and our move for fellowship, we had a moving sale. 

Towards the end of the sale, I noticed our DVD collection, which was priced at $4 each, had not been selling well. Not wanting to get stuck again with an obsolete media which would either gather dust in the garage or be donated to Goodwill (ie cassette tapes, CD's, VHS), I joyfully announced that all DVD's were one dollar.

Our family is just too busy to ever watch a movie more than once and with Netflix, Amazon on Demand, iTunes and Redbox, there really is no need for us to buy another movie.

DVD's have had a good run, but don't expect Blu-Rays to stick around too long either. Physically purchasing a movie, just like physically buying a song or album, is for the dinosaurs. The future of digital media is the cloud.