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Physician Pain Scale 2012

For those of you who complained that this pain scale is "not to scale," I have a new chart for your viewing pleasure. Check it out here.
This is an update of to my Physician Pain Scale 2011 comic to coincide with the new data from the most recent Medscape Physician Compensation Report 2012.

I have chosen to scale physician pain according to how each specialty responded to the question, "Yes, I would choose the same specialty," which is how the original Physician Pain Scale comic was put together. I did so because I feel that this question is more directed towards the satisfaction within each specialty and eliminates some of the bias from the many other headaches of medicine in general.

The few constants in this pain scale:

  • Dermatologists still top the list as most satisfied physicians.
  • General practitioners, ie family practice and internal medicine, are still the least satisfied physicians. 75% of internal medicine doctors said they would not choose the same specialty again! Ouch.