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Residency Match Day

This comic is dedicated to all those participating in the residency match this week and especially to my little brother. Three and a half years of blood, sweat, tears, and sleep deprivation culminate to Match Day, arguably the most important day of medical school.

The actual match algorithm which decides where all the hard working medical students will spend the next three to five years of their lives is conducted by a supercomputer designed to handle extremely complex and sophisticated tasks like playing mine sweeper. This is why the process costs so much money and takes so much time.

The whole match thing is not much different from the magical Sorting Hat of Hogwarts, which magically decides which of the four houses of Hogwarts each new student is to be assigned. In all reality, why the process takes so long and costs so much is an enigma. I'm sure an iPhone app could be whipped up to expedite the process and save medical students, who are already deep in debt, some money.

But if the match process where run on an iPhone, and if all those hefty fees were waived, what would happen to the magic and mystery of Match Day? Thank you, NRMP for keeping the process expensive and complicated so that no normal human can fully comprehend how it all works. I'll just keep imagining Harry and the Sorting Hat magically assigning us to where we need to be.

Happy Scrambling and/or Matching!

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