Physician Pain Scale 2011

The Physician Pain Scale is based from data provided by the Medscape Physician Compensation Report: 2011, in which physicians responded to questions regarding satisfaction with their particular specialty.  The poor primary care doc was the least satisfied with a whopping 57% of them saying they would not choose the same specialty if they could do it over again.


raseny said...

what about otolaryngology?

openid said...

Raseny: unfortunately, ENT was not included as part of the Medscape Physician Report survey. You can ask that they try to include ENT docs in their next survey report.

Jean Davis said...

My brother is a pediatrician and I asked about his opinion on this. He told me that although he is satisfied with the specialization he chose, if given the chance he wouldn't go that path again. He loves kids but he couldn't bear it when there's nothing he can do for those poor children.