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About Me

During my medical training, being married and having three kids during medical school and another during residency forced me to be money savvy. Living by the motto, "Never pay full price for anything," I have since expanded my interests into the realm of savings, personal finances, and retirement preparation.

Much of my knowledge comes from researching the Internet, reading books, and talking to friends and colleagues. I have no special financial degree or training other than what I've gained from my Bachelors degree in Neuroscience, my Medical Degree, and my residency training. I did some part time work for Northwestern Mutual as an Assistant to the Financial Representatives, during my fourth year of medical school and as an intern where I managed to gleaned some financial know-how.

Currently, I am a radiology resident in the Southwest. Because of my sometimes busy schedule and family duties, I hope to post new information on a weekly basis. Weekends are when I try to find time to blog, but if I get busy, I hope you understand.

My main purpose for poorMD.com is to help extremely smart people with a heavy debt load (medical students, interns, residents, and young doctors), make wiser decisions with their precious student loan disbursements and humble monthly paychecks. All I have to offer are just suggestions, but hopefully you find something that is helpful for your situation. Everything found on this website is for entertainment purposes only.

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